Services & Mission

Employment Transportation Services was developed to offer piece of mind to the conscientious individuals who are in need of reliable & dependable transportation services in Allen County. We offer transportation services to businesses for their employees,  group trips to correctional facilities & casinos. E.T.S. LLC prides itself on assisting local companies with transportation for their hardworking employees. In doing research we have recognized that reliable transportation to/from work can be a huge obstacle for many adults seeking steady employment. We are not a taxi company, however we now provide our own version of a "Uber-Like" transportation service that offers 1-way & roundtrip trips within Fort Wayne city limits. Unlike Uber & your "Traditional" Taxi services E.T.S. charges a flat rate of a $2.00 Vehicle Boarding fee PLUS a flat rate charge of $2.50 per mile. Let E.T.S. take the stress out of your workplace by transporting your group of industrious employees or your individual worker today!


*Weekly Employment Transportation (Adult)

*Weekly rates: $55-90 a week  (rates vary due to mileage)

 *ETS "Uber-Like" Rideshare Service

$2.50 Vehicle Boarding Fee PLUS $2.00 per mile (Flat Fixed Rate)